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from “Greater-Hopiland” (World), for anyone who wants to

        Beings from the Universe descended to Earth to REALISE the PLAN to make Her the Portal of Peace. It requires the “Cosmic Onion to be peeled to its very Core”, which is to be reached deep within our Heart!
        The attempt began with the Great most difficult Migration throughout the planet that began 33000 years ago. I has been most difficult, because each layer correlates with the Darkness that is also Within. The Migration has been a continuous PURIFICATION process.
        We have come to the Last Layer and this has become quite obvious by today almost everyone dying of a degenerative disease or some sort of violence that the Dark-side profits from (junk-foods, “medicine”, weapons, bureaucracy, war, terrorism, etc) . The need for the Last Purification is imminent.
        The ones who ended the global migration at Oraibi/Arizona, near the “Four Corners”, are today known as the Hopi, who were universally commissioned to keep the Earth in balance with the help of the Star-people (Kachinas)
        Many of the original “Migrants” did not arrive at Oraibi, because other functions in service of the PLAN needed to be tended. The Celts are one example. They became part of the experimental aspects in the “West”. Then there are the Tibetans. The migration went through different civilisation too - Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu and now America (the last layer).
        The most difficult part of the migration’s Last Step is the distance between Mind and Heart! They need to be unified with the MEMORY that ALL IS ONE, and that requires the Hopi to become HOPI, all of us. As such the whole Earth will become “Hopiland” and not a TRAP that is maintained under laws (anti-change, matrix) which contradict Creator’s One Law, which is the absolute and eternal Constant - CHANGE.
        Hopi-web has been created to inform Humanity about the Practical applications of Creator’s One Law, so that the need for the dominance under the oppressive political and militant laws will be naturally deleted, due to Humanity using Creator’s One Law as the Primary Constant.
Hopi-web will teach how we can BE HOPI!

The topics will include:
The “Total Picture”
Understanding ourselves and the world within the context of Creation
Changing the world from within
Hopis speaking from Hopiland
Making the Home again the Centre of Government
Using Food as the Primary Medicine
Purification methods
Establishing the true economy
The universal science next
The USA in the fulfilment of its destiny to become the Nation of Peace

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